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Omar Galanti is an Italian stud with an insatiable sex drive, a jolly, fun loving personality and a big, monstrous looking cock. Wherever this mad man goes, he spreads chaotically explosive sexual mayhem and leaves a circus of wild-ass sluts and crazy carnal antics in his wake. Evil Angel fans will recognize bald-domed, heavily hung Omar from director Rocco Siffredi's movies. That's where John "Buttman" Stagliano discovered his manic lust and knew his style would fit snugly in the Buttman Magazine Choice line of flicks for every anal fetish. "Omar has a genuine sexual energy that obsesses with ass," says John. "I love how he exposes girls' asses, how he fucks ass, and how he loves ass." Working in the untamed sexual frontier of Russia, Omar has many of the world's nastiest, most unspoiled, young porn babes immediately accessible for his ass-obsessive fetishes. He selects girls based on attitude, performance and passion, then injects his scenes with a comedic flair and what he calls, "a bit of reality of our times, which are increasingly looking for something extreme." Replete with special toys, interracial fucking, double-penetration and spectacular anal gapes, his DVDs cater to fans who share Omar's Olympic-caliber fascination with pretty girl butts and the fun tricks they can do. He both worships and manhandles female ass, driving sluts to worship his engorged cock and inspiring their own nastiness. "I think the scenes should have fun, all mixed with a bit of domination," says Omar. In titles like, "Omar's Russian Impact," "Omar's Ass Madness" and "Omar's Butt Obsession," this gape-master and spit-master is like a perverted ringmaster.


A View To A Gape 5

Omar Galanti's A View To A Gape 5

A View To A Gape 5 Summary: Horse-hung Italian porn performer/director Omar Galanti isn't ashamed to let his freaky side roam free. The freaky pervert fetishizes the stretched, gaping assholes of gorgeous women, and he celebrates his nasty vision in "A View to a Gape 5," which features four beautiful teenagers with amazing sphincter-dilating talent. This is nearly three hours of elastic, wide-open buttholes for your enjoyment! First, lovely, all-natural Russian cadet Rita takes orders from [...]
A View To A Gape 5 image 1 A View To A Gape 5 image 2 A View To A Gape 5 image 3 A View To A Gape 5 image 4

A View To A Gape 4

Omar Galanti's A View To A Gape 4

A View To A Gape 4 Summary: Italian sex maniac Omar Galanti is a porn director on a mission. The anally crazed stud is driven to gaze deep within the assholes of beautiful girls. His deluxe two-disc release "A View To A Gape 4" could be described as one man's search for the perfect rectal cavity, and it stars six of the most stunning butt sluts on the European porn scene. Omar won't stop until every lady's rectum is spread wide for his - and our - inspection! Fleshy, raven-haired Kaylee Blanc [...]
A View To A Gape 4 image 1 A View To A Gape 4 image 2 A View To A Gape 4 image 3 A View To A Gape 4 image 4 A View To A Gape 4 image 5

Clipped Chicks

Omar Galanti's Clipped Chicks

Clipped Chicks Summary: Italian director/performer Omar Galanti uses every tool available to entertain and dominate the gorgeous Euro-girls in his perverse movies. During the four scenes of "Clipped Chicks," the bald, menacingly endowed porn stud discovers the severe erotic possibilities of applying flesh-biting clothespins to all the tender parts of his female co-stars. Wearing deep red lipstick and a dress of black fishnet, sexy Marry Queen is up for just about anything. Omar and two male [...]
Clipped Chicks image 1 Clipped Chicks image 2 Clipped Chicks image 3 Clipped Chicks image 4 Clipped Chicks image 5

A View To A Gape 3

Omar Galanti's A View To A Gape 3

A View To A Gape 3 Summary: Director/performer Omar Galanti is gifted with a powerful sex drive, a gigantic penis and an insatiable hunger for lewdly gaping assholes. When porn's Mad Professor enters the back door, the result is complete anal wreckage! Omar's double-disc "A View to a Gape 3" is full of filthy, intimate butt sex, nasty anal toys and breathtakingly scenic views of sphincters spread wide as the Grand Canyon. First, brunette cutie Rita luxuriates in a bubble bath, using [...]
A View To A Gape 3 image 1 A View To A Gape 3 image 2 A View To A Gape 3 image 3 A View To A Gape 3 image 4 A View To A Gape 3 image 5

Born To Be Sluts

Omar Galanti's Born To Be Sluts

Born To Be Sluts Summary: Italian performer/director Omar Galanti brings his freaky sensibilities and club-like cock to the double-DVD "Born To Be Sluts" - a half-dozen marathon scenes starring six depraved, preternaturally horny young adventurers who get off on debasing themselves without inhibition. When Omar emerges from a courthouse (somehow) acquitted of promoting anal sex, he invites pretty Channel 69 journalist Henessy to interview him at his office. She gets the news - anal toys, [...]
Born To Be Sluts image 1 Born To Be Sluts image 2 Born To Be Sluts image 3 Born To Be Sluts image 4 Born To Be Sluts image 5

Nasty Gapes Obsession

Omar Galanti's Nasty Gapes Obsession

Nasty Gapes Obsession Summary: Italian stud/director Omar Galanti is the pervert's pervert, a guy with an unnatural fascination for the wide-open buttholes of women. "Nasty Gapes Obsession" exposes the raw insides of Omar's favorite subject; it's a double-disc exploration of the bunghole that features liberal use of sloppy foodstuffs and ass-to-mouth delights. Blonde army girl Dulsineya swallows Omar's huge prick after smothering it in whipped cream, giving her cocksucking mouth a milky [...]
Nasty Gapes Obsession image 1 Nasty Gapes Obsession image 2 Nasty Gapes Obsession image 3 Nasty Gapes Obsession image 4 Nasty Gapes Obsession image 5

A View To A Gape 2

Omar Galanti's A View To A Gape 2

Black Anal Beauties Summary: Porn's kinky Mad Professor, the rectally obsessed ber-pervert Omar Galanti, expands on his previous anal epic in the two-disc asshole fest entitled "A View to a Gape 2." This nearly five-hour-long, action-packed butt-fucking bash features six gorgeous ladies, specially chosen for their ability to reveal their innermost physical attributes. In other words, these girls love to feel their assholes gaping wide open! Fans of ladies who smoke will also appreciate the [...]
A View To A Gape 2 image 1 A View To A Gape 2 image 2 A View To A Gape 2 image 3 A View To A Gape 2 image 4 A View To A Gape 2 image 5

Savannah's Secret

Omar Galanti's Savannah's Secret

Savannah's Secret Summary: Latvian beauty Savannah Secret, a gorgeous brunette model, is the erotic muse of perverted Italian director/stud Omar Galanti. But this sensuous bitch has a dark side that Omar explores in his hard-core epic, "Savannah's Secret," a four-scene tale of dominance, submission, bondage, nasty double crosses and sexual magic. "Savannah's Secret" showcases this glamorous superslut's range of kinky role-playing in a wide variety of filthy action. First, the decadently rich [...]
Savannah's Secret image 1 Savannah's Secret image 2 Savannah's Secret image 3 Savannah's Secret image 4 Savannah's Secret image 5

Anal Gorgeous

Omar Galanti's Anal Gorgeous

Anal Gorgeous Summary: Perverted porn director/performer Omar Galanti likes sex good and rough - the tattooed Italian brute's ferocious anal scenes are famed for their intensity and nasty energy. In Omar's "Anal Gorgeous," the beefy madman puts five incredibly lovely Russian models through a crash course in Omar-style passion, with ruthless butt fucking, throat banging, rectal rimming and sheer nastiness. Each member of his beautiful cast comes out of her session looking a little the worse for [...]
Anal Gorgeous image 1 Anal Gorgeous image 2 Anal Gorgeous image 3 Anal Gorgeous image 4 Anal Gorgeous image 5

Ass Madness 2

Omar Galanti's Ass Madness 2

Ass Madness 2 Summary: When wacky, tattooed Italian porn stud Omar Galanti goes looking for fresh ass to defile, the result is pure madness! Omar's aptly named "Ass Madness 2," possibly his raunchiest release yet, is a fitting addition to the Buttman Magazine Choice line of butt-oriented fetish and specialty videos. It's a nonstop anal party that's enough to drive an ass man insane! Brown-haired seductress Tina White, wearing long, white satin evening gloves, warms up her lips on a huge rubber [...]
Ass Madness 2 image 1 Ass Madness 2 image 2 Ass Madness 2 image 3 Ass Madness 2 image 4
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