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Lust Rains In Vespoli's Splashy 'Fluid'

    July 10 Evil Angel Release Gushes Spit, Orgasmic Excretion, BDSM Waterboarding!

    With imaginative features and dangerous, hard-core gonzo scenes, kinky filmmaker Dana Vespoli is stretching the limits of the adult movie mainstream. The exotically gorgeous performer/director's new "Fluid" explores all the connotations of its title, cascading from sensuous showers, swimming pool tease and the profuse secretion of bodily juices to twisted rituals of liquid-immersive power exchange.
    Lust Rains In Vespoli's Splashy 'Fluid'

    "Fluid" came about as a result of a few things, Vespoli explains. "First, my love of 'stringers' - when people kiss and you can see saliva strings connecting their mouths. I find it very sexy and very intimate. Second, my fascination with water bondage and the marriage of fear and sexual arousal. Finally, I am aroused by the body's physiological response to stimulation - which is, in part, to excrete fluid. I wanted to shoot it and participate in it. I hope fans enjoy it."

    Joining Vespoli in "Fluid" are several of the porn industry's edgiest dominants and submissives, all fearlessly committed to exposing their erotic obsessions. Vespoli reserved her movie's most outrageous action for a XXX star famed for dominant play in the genuine BDSM world. Busty blonde domme Aiden Starr (with help from slave boy Chad Diamond and Vespoli) exerts complete control over pale, fleshy redhead Justine Jolie. Starr shows such ruthless expertise in rope bondage, extreme bathtub torment and sensational waterboarding that she might qualify for a post-porn career at Guantanamo...

    Another experienced fetish player, Steven St. Croix, provided key inspiration for "Fluid": Recalls Vespoli, "I was a fan of Kink.com's water bondage site, and was really affected by Steven and Lorelei Lee's scene. I was turned on by their connection and her trust in him to keep her safe, push her limits and get her off." So Vespoli cast lustful model-minx Allie Haze in a saliva-soaked session of interracial abuse with the older stud St. Croix. Amid brutal face fucking and pussy pounding she deep-throats him, drools all over his dark meat, even fills a glass with her own slobber. At one point he enshrouds her head in a black hood and clear plastic.

    Gorgeous, athletic slut Sheena Shaw luxuriates under a streaming waterfall, then totally gives herself to heavily hung Manuel Ferrara in a nasty POV scene. He deeply probes Sheena's anus with his meat and his foot! Finally, the director treats herself to some underwater cocksucking and an after-swim ass reaming courtesy of Johnny Castle; the scene climaxes in a hot fountain of semen.

    Viewers that like flowing, unpredictable eroticism should take the plunge - "Fluid", coming July 10 from Evil Angel, pumps out three-and-a-half hours of soaking sex, drenching cum facials and behind-the-scenes ooze. See the trailer at EvilAngel-Video.com, but keep a towel handy.
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