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Odd Jobs 3

Odd Jobs 3 Summary: The theme of Odd Jobs for popular director Belladonna is a variation on the gonzo genre pioneered by Evil Empire founder, John Stagliano: sex by real people in everyday places. The thing about Odd Jobs - and Bella's recent work like Dark Meat in general - is that the starlets are pretty much like women you know in surroundings you know, albeit hot chicks you know, in upscale, new construction condo surroundings. Sandra Romain gives one of her final performances before retiring - begging the question, why is she retiring? A brief teaser at the very end from Sammie Rhodes ("Do you think that load's still buried deep in my asshole?") has the audience wondering, will she or won't she - finally do boy/ girl anal? Maybe for a future Bella title...
In Scene 1, Belladonna and Brianna Love (Girls Love Girls, Bikini Cum Clad Sluts, Belladonna Fetish Fanatic 4, Anal Expedition 11, Cheek Freaks, Booty I like 3, Brianna Love: Her Fine Sexy Self, Hellcats 13, Face Fucking Inc. 2, Black Power 2, Strap Attack) join each other in a round of foot play. Bella diddles Brianna's pussy with her toes then licks her pussy. Brianna crawls over to Tony T's crotch for a sloppy blowjob, while Bella continues to suck on Brianna's toes. Gagging, power fucking of Ms. Love's throat ensues. Bella joins, in a spitting, gagging, salivating blow job in which she sucks on Tony's dick and Brianna's right toe. Brianna sucks on Tony's cock and Bella's left toe. All that yoga is paying off! Brianna spits and gags, putting her whole head into the effort. The two kneels before Tony's rod, sucking the cock and kissing each other, sucking on balls and dick at the same time. Tony strokes one foot from Brianna and one from Bella to hold his dick in a hand/ foot job straight out of twister. After fucking Bella's mouth with his teabag, Tony blows a load all over Brianna's mouth, which is held open with Bella's foot and mouth.
In Scene 2, Alexis Texas (Hellcats 13, Fucked on Sight 2, Work It Work It, Get It Get It, Bikini Clad Cum Sluts, Asses of Face Destruction 3) and Tony T practice soccer in a sunny loft. Now, this is a scene you want to repeat every time your roommate has a super hot blond chick with a great ass over. Doesn't that happen everyday? Ms. Texas is wearing Buttman butt enhancing shorts. Tiring of soccer, Alexis bends over on a couch, and Tony stuffs the soccer ball up her ass, which she can hold with her cheeks. Alexis has one of the greatest asses of recent years. Alexis tells Tony, "I don't want to play with balls, I want to suck balls." Alexis takes her "uniform" off and then demonstrates how she would rather "suck on balls than kick them. This is much better than soccer." Then she goes onto the 69 position for which this young lady was endowed for. With a beautiful ass - Don't Mess With Texas! - she sits on Tony's face, entirely smothering the Egyptian porn star. She then bends over and sucks cock, sticking her ass up in the air and bouncing the blond booty around like a target waiting for a sheaf of arrows. On her knees, Alexis sucks, her bottom cheeks never quit stopping their jiggly motion. She's a ball licker all right. Tony slaps and admires that ass as he gets a pleasant afternoon workout from the hottie. Alexis gives Tony a foot job and coaxes a load all over her belly.
In Scene 3, Sandra Romain (Bet Your Ass, Anal Showdown, Suck it Dry 2, Bodacious Booty, Rocco's True Anal Stories 14, Rocco Animal Trainer 5, Rocco's Best Butt Fucks 2, Beautiful Girls 4, Big Natural Tits 4, Euro Hardball 16, 17, 18, Euro Slit, Euro Domination, Buttman's Anal Show 4, Fashionistas Safado, Just Fucking, Ass Everywhere 2, Hellcats 6, Service Animals 21, The Voyeur 30, Belladonna Fetish Fanatic 1, 2, 4, Manhandled, No Warning 1, 3, Evil Pink 3, Ass Jazz 3, Cheek Freeks 2, Fuck Slaves, Slutty & Sluttier, Evilution, Anal Expedition, Asses of Face Destruction 1, 3)... gives a slow, sensuous tease in a green fishnet stocking, which demonstrates why her body of work in the Evil Empire is so prodigious, and begs the question, why is this woman retiring from hardcore porn? Such existential quandaries will have to wait, as we strain to hear her whispered fuck talk over the blazing sensuality that drips from every curve of her Romanian hips and ass. This woman was a gypsy queen who followed fellow Romanian Vlad the Impaler in a past life, and now she strokes her pussy for Belladonna's leering camera. With big tits which she squeezes together, Sandra plays with her tits - clearly this is a woman just reaching her sexual prime - so, again, why would she retire? Even Sandra's foot show, highlighted by bright pink toe nails, is exceedingly sensuous. And when she starts stroking her ass - wow, now that is a woman's ass. That's the kind of booty you just kinda spread out on a bed and snack on for the whole afternoon between fucking. We're reminded Sandra fucked her way out of a Romanian dead end job; took Steve Holmes up the ass in Buttman's Anal show 5 in a hot scene by the Brandenberg gates in Berlin. We're reminded of a certain kind of international social mobility in porn. But, forget that. Sandra is sucking cock now, using both hands, and her mouth and her whole hands. This is a chick who makes a bathroom truly complete. With full, sensuous lips, Sandra is sucking dick better now than ever, and she puts her whole head into a violet blow job that ends in bouts of deep throating. Sandra narrates her own hand job - this scene is a ode to hand jobs to go with the Odd Jobs theme. Sandra sucks cock with pistoning suction supplied by her hot mouth. Bella's bathroom - which had just hosted Bella drilling Sammie Rhode's tight ass - is the scene of this extended deep throating, marathon blow job by Sandra, who has been in half a dozen Belladonna titles because of her incessant sensuality. Now, Sandra switches to a skillful footjob with her painted toes, which we witness from a POV which captures Sandra's green clad, gypsey body while she plays with her tits in tune to the foot job she is administering. Sandra may be pioneering a new sport - foot job pilates - which she narrates with a lurid sound track until the anonymous cock blows a load on the soles of her feet, which she plays with using her flexible feet, even licking the sperm from one foot.
In Scene 4, August (Dark Meat 2, Evil Pink 3, Fetish Fanatic 6, Runaway Butts 1, 2, Voeyur 21, Fresh Meat 14) and Rico Strong. In Dark Meat 2, August and Rico Strong "cuckholded" August's white husband in a hot scene which showcased August at her bitchy, domineering, castrating best. The two reprise their coupling in this scene, which starts with August as a housewife washing her dishes. The tight-bodied Latina starts to suck a banana suggestively.
The theme of Odd Jobs for popular director Belladonna is a variation on the gonzo genre pioneered by Evil Empire founder, John Stagliano: sex by real people in everyday places. The thing about Odd Jobs - and Bella's recent work like Dark Meat in general - is that the starlets are pretty much like women you know in surroundings you know, albeit hot chicks you know, in upscale, new construction condo surroundings. But, you know a hot girl like August. You may just have never fucked her. Bella's gotten to the point that her scenes evoke the everyday sensuality in friends from a triathlon club, or another social group, in the mundane - or seemingly mundane - parts of a house, like the bathroom where Sandra gives her foot job.
August sucking on a banana gives way to August sucking on Rico Strong's big cock. August knows this black dick well from Dark Meat 2. She worships his balls too, and goes as deep as she can on his dick. August uses two hands - she has too - to give Rico a hand job. August is a Latina housewife blowing the biggest black cock she can get her hands on during an afternoon day dream of banana phallic fantasy - soon every household object in Belldonna's perverse imagination is charged with erotic meaning. August shows her dexterity, giving Rico a kitchen footjob to rival Sandra's bathroom foot job - no maybe that's premature.
"You like those toes wrapped around your dick?" August asks, as she alternates between a foot job and a blow job, leaning forward to service the big black cock. August hops off of her foot job perch and resumes her wet blow job and hand job. Hand job. Blow Job. Foot Job. Odd Job is about creative oral sex in upscale everyday surroundings. August slaps her face with Rico's dick. August shoves her petite but ample Latina tits together in a narrow passage for Rico's cock. August slaps her own tit with Rico's cock. August jams her throat to the point of gagging onto the dark shaft.
Damn, August is pretty - even prettier with a load of cum on her waiting tongue, which she smears around her face.
The scene dissolves back to August stuffing her face with a banana. "Oh god, I wish this was my job, I wouldn't have to do dishes anymore," the irony dripping off of her porn star chin with chunks of banana. Oh yeah, sucking dick is your job (just like mine is writing about it). August's wish stands for the thousand of porn fans watching her suck, who wish it was their job. Hey, keep that DV Cam handy!
In Scene 5, Ashley Blue (Manhandled 2, No Warning 3, Evil Pink 3, The Connasseur, Suck It Dry, Service Animals 10, 13, 15)... continues the theme of porn sexuality intersecting real life contexts... as she greets two guys at the door. "This was going to be my break through interview... back into popularity in porn... I just wanted to look a little nicer.. Everyone is used to seeing me with buttplugs in my ass... and flourecent fishnets up to here... I am just reinventing myself... I just wanted to go for a new image... this is my house... I am really cool too... I am just going to sit on the floor."
This is a Belladonna's variation on gonzo: a scene that might actually happen to one of Bella's porn star friends, who are just normal chicks. Hot chicks. But, normal hot chicks.
So, Ashley is in a plain brown dress, but she looks pretty hot in the way that dozens of people from your everyday life look hot... if you could picture them in sex scenes... but here, Director Belladonna is making a comment about the sensuality around us.
So, Ashley is describing her plans for her reentry into porn - fetish, and a series of hard core topics. The dudes pitch her on their Internet connections, which is a hook that she bites on. A porn star trying to make a comeback craving attention, Ashley is willing to trade a blow job for services - an everyday occurrence in the world of Belladonna, maybe.
"It's just like doing a scene with you," says Ashley, who complains about not seeing the dude's "test." To avoid using her mouth, Ashley gives a fetish blow job - using her feet and hands - which is good enough for the craven Internet producer.
Finally, Ashley demonstrates all the elements of a "Ashley Blue blowjob." This is a deep thraoting, spitting, gagging blow job, with a high degree of hand work thrown in. "I really want a career," says Ashley, taking her mouth off of the cock, momentarily. "I really want to be a legend," says Ashley, coming up for air.
"Yeah, we'll take care of that. Just keep sucking," says the porn producer, irony dripping from his mouth, and cum dripping from her lips.
"What else do you want to know about me?" asks Ashley Blue.
Since the dude has come, he says, "What else is there to know?" With a load of cum in Ashley's mouth, suddenly, the porn producer isn't as interested.
In Scene 6, Bobbi Starr (Dark Meat 2, Evil Pink 3, Suck it Dry 4, Face Fucking Inc., Bitchcraft, Rookie Pussy, Fuck Slaves 2, Crimes of the Cunt, Gang Bang My Face 2, Nice Fucking View 2, Gape Lovers, Anal Acrobats, Slutty & Sluttier 3, Anal Expedition 11, Cheek Freaks) acrobatically teases on a bridge in a well lit, upscale loft. Repairman Nat Turner brings a tool required to fix defective "gym equipment" which happens to be Bobbi herself. She goes right down on his black cock in the middle of the bridge walkway, gagging and spitting in a interracial blow job. Down on the couch, she exercises the dexterity of her feet by giving Nat a foot job and nut massage with her toes, before going down on him with her mouth, balls deep. Nat shoots cum all over her palm, which she eats, hungrily.
In Scene 7, Brianna Love has a huge clear dildo as she bends down and struts into the bathroom, stroking the glass phallus on her ass. Bending over, Ms. Love shoves the ribbed, clear glass phallus into her pussy, parting her pink pussy lips, and fucking herself. Sitting on the toilet seat, Brianna fucks her own pussy intensely, and squirts powerfully. She fucks herself again while sitting on the floor, and then diddles her own clit. The show concludes with her ramming the cock between her own outstretched feet, which form a arch above her wet pussy.
Since the dude has come, he says, "What else is there to know?" With a load of cum in Ashley's mouth, suddenly, the porn producer isn't as interested.
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