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Anal Acrobats 4

Anal Acrobats 4 Summary: Special 2-Disc Set. Jay Sins ANAL ACROBATS 4 features five scenes full of more amazing feats of anal derring-do, more sexy, colorful costumes, as well as the Jay Sin debut of anal superstar Hillary Scott! It includes bloopers, behind-the-scenes footage, interviews, trailers, a cumshot recap, outtakes, and photo galleries.Scene one: Diamonds are a girls best friend, announces Sammi Rhodes, fellating a cartoonishly large fake diamond ring before spitting on it and then molesting her breasts and pussy with it. She sidles over to Nicki Hunter, reposing on the divan in black fetish wear, and starts rubbing the faux jewel all over Nickis oversized titties. She crawls down between her legs, sucking and biting at Nickis pussy before revealing a treasure trove of diamonds, among them a clear acrylic dildo that ends up anchored in Nickis pussy while Sammie rides her face, showing off the diamond-tipped buttplug shoved firmly up her own anus. Nicki becomes the aggressor, bending Sammies legs all the way back so she can plunge her shaved cunt and asshole with the jewel and dildo collection, catching them in her own mouth as they pop out of Sammis pert but distended sphincter. Nicki puts her in doggie for a serious reaming, and then gets down on her hands and knees herself, instructing Sammie in the proper way to ravage her poop chute.Scene two: Dana DeArmond and Adriana Deville are a pair of cosplay nurses; Deville starts out on the examining table, as DeArmond smiles broadly, showing off her new braces before attacking Adrianas swollen tits with her hungry mouth. How are they, doc? purrs Adriana as Dana slaps and bites them before spitting all over her pussy and juicing it up. Then nasty Nurse Dana puts her patient in doggie, and reams her asshole with a large prop thermometer. Fucking her ass with four red-gloved fingers, Dana gapes Adriana and then keeps the hole open by rimming her. Dana sticks a large black bead up the other girls ass, and tears off the gloves so she can stick one in Devilles pussy. After some effort, an even larger bead joins the first in Adrianas colon. Dana lets it pop out and pushes it back in several times, the pair finally passing it mouth to mouth. Then Dana gets down on her knees so that Adriana can assist her in showing off the unmatchable elasticity of the Internets Girlfriends anal sphincter, as a whole series of handball-sized spheres go up her colon. Next, the girls discover orderly Christian XXX supine in his scrubs, awaiting dick therapy. The nurses slobber all over his cock, feeding it to each other until they make those familiar wet gagging noises. Christian stands up and fucks Adriana up the pooper, while Dana lubricates everybodys genitals with her messy spit. Dana gets to go for a cowgirl anal ride on Christians dick, with both girls doing ass to mouth before finally swallowing the seed together.Scene three: Smoky Eastern European beauty Lara is lounging in a tub full of multi-colored candy, shoving all-day suckers down her throat so she can tease her nipples and labia with them. Rolling over, she spreads her taut ass-cheeks to show off her invitingly trained sphincter muscles. Pigtailed blonde Lola Parker joins her in the tub and immediately starts feasting on her sugar-coated breasts. After some making out, Lola upends Lara so she can slurp away at her dark asshole before inserting a string of plastic eggs up there one by one. She works her pussy as the other girl flexes her asshole, nearly popping last egg in and out before finally relinquishing it. Lola grabs a large dildo that she uses both hands to fuck Laras ass with. Then Lara attacks Lolas ass, using her tongue to loosen up the sphincter muscles so that she, too, can enjoy the egg treatment. Lola squats down on a huge red cock and balls dildo, impaling herself to show Lara how much she can take. Lara gets the picture and repeatedly jams the toy up the trim blondes ass, only pausing to lick the tasty stuff off the tip before diving in tongue-first.Scene four: Lexi Love and Hannah West are just another pair of tanned, blonde nubiles in peppermint-stripe bikinis and white leg warmers and sneakers, or are they? After some kissy-face, they sit down and expel the golfballs up their anuses that we didnt know were there! Keeping up with the sports theme, Lexi works a spit-covered miniature football up Hannahs snatch and watches it crown, stuffing it back in again and again. Then she puts the golfball and the football up Hannahs ass. Hannah returns the favor by putting Lexis golfball back where it belongs, and rimming her sphincter every time it threatens to pop out. Mick Blue shows up, giving the girls something new to do: Him. They collaborate on a very messy blowjob before Hannah hops on his cock for forward and reverse cowgirl workouts. Lexi bites her nipples, spanks her ass and does pussy to mouth as Hannah bounces up and down, then guides the penis into Hannahs ass. After taking her turn sodomizing herself with Blues flesh log while Hannah does the ATM honors, Lexi lets Mick do the driving, as he fucks the two repeatedly up the ass until they suck the seed from him.Scene five: Hillary Scott and Amber Rayne help Jay play out more of his sports uniform fetish by dressing up in stripper baseball outfits, complete with black grease under their eyes. Before you know it, Ambers fucking Hillarys tits with a candy-striped half-sized baseball bat, while they exchange sports-themed sexual puns. Hilary spanks Amber with the hard plastic bat. Warm that ass up, Im on deck, quips Amber. Its not long before the bat handle finds its way up Hillarys snatch. Hillary responds by burying her face in Ambers ready gape; Amber sticks a red ball up her ass so that Hillary has something to go diving for. She lets it pop out into her mouth again and again, as Jay captures the action in vibrant, sharp close-ups. Next in is the business end of the baseball bat, and Ambers ready, even with ball still stuffed up there! Amber now puts Hillary on her back to give her a taste of the bat, after which the two girls indulge in an extremely gooey spit-swap. By the time Sean Michaels shows up with his ebony bat, the girls have their routines down, and play a full nine innings of ATM-flavored sodomy with the African-American star.
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